Friday, February 3, 2017

Term 1 Week 1 Learning

First day of school we did games and stationery. We played a team building game were the outside of our feet had to touch the outsides of the peoples feet next to you. Next we got a long wood ruler and in groups of five, we had to use 1 finger on each hand. Then all together we had to lower it to the ground. Then we wrote down in the same groups of five things that should in be in our class e.g. have our own hooks. Then someone said, "pet turtle" and that was funny. 
The next day, we wrote down a learning map. What we did is write things that you use for learning, places and people. The some people  wrote down the connections. One of them was a crazy one and that meant that some times you understand what their saying and sometimes you don't. Then once we were nearly finished we placed them down in two lines and collected ideas from other people's maps. 
Day three of school we had school assembly then later on we went to the library. After morning tea we shared what we did in the holidays and what we are going to do for the long weekend. After lunch we had a story and played games. We were doing our avatars for our learning tubs, drawing on the whiteboard and doing other things. Then we played a game outside and went back inside. We reflected on our awesome day then went home to our awesome families. 
By Caitlin and Scarlett.  

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