Thursday, November 23, 2017

Egg challenge...

In Kea Hub, last week, we were given an egg to take care of for a week. We took this very seriously! The rules were that we had were that our egg had to be with us at all times, unless we had someone "egg-sitting" our egg. We also had to look after our egg by designing and making our egg a bed to live in. 
Things we have learnt about caring for an egg for a week:

"I learnt how hard it is to take responsibility for a child" FC
"I learnt that everybody got emotional when the egg cracked, we got used to having our egg and everybody drew a cute face. They hated it when their egg cracked" EC
"I learnt to be responsible and never leave my egg alone" MS
"I learnt if you leave your egg alone, they are probably going to get hurt" AD
"It is hard to have a child. Taking it everywhere and being responsible for it." JK
"I learnt not to take my egg out of its box. Not too handle it too much and care more about it. It is like a person, if you are rough with them, they will get hurt." CSR

A HUGE thanks to our wonderful families who supported us with this! We think we all learnt heaps about ourselves and what it means to be responsible.

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